Time should be spent enjoying
your pool, not maintaining it

a better pool experience

Save Time

Lower pool maintenance time to 15 minutes a week. Just enough to empty SkimKing.

Save Money

Reduce chemical usage and filter replacements. SkimKing keeps your water clear of debris.

Save Energy

Cut your electricity bill in half*. Less debris means more efficiency.

Watchin Action

Pools use a lot of energy.

SkimKing™ can help change that, saving you dollars on your electric bill.


Johanna Martins - California
I have spent so much time skimming the leaves from the oak tree in my backyard out of my pool, it’s unbelievable. I don’t want to have to trim back the tree, but I am spending all the time I should be swimming in my pool, skimming it!
Steven Collins - California
I have a sycamore tree next to my pool that is constantly dropping leaves. In the fall it becomes completely unbearable. I don’t think anybody has the time to be outside skimming the pool as often as it needs it. Having a pool guy come out once a week is nowhere near enough when you have as many leaves as I do falling in the pool everyday.