About Skimking

Who You Are

You own a swimming pool, and obviously you HATE cleaning it. Nobody told you pool maintenance was going to be THIS much work!

And how are you supposed to enjoy your back yard oasis if after finishing that report for work, picking up the kids from school, and making sure you didn’t forget to feed the dog, you still have to skim all those leaves out of the pool before jumping in?!?!

The daily hassles of pool maintenance have taken their toll and you’re ready for a new solution.

Who We Are

That was us, just a group of regular, everyday pool owners struggling to keep up with the daily hassles of pool maintenance.

After all those years of hand-skimming the pool, cleaning the filter, and paying ridiculously high electric bills – we had enough.

So we put our heads together and made a robot that would clean the pool for you.

We want you to join us in the Pool Kingdom, full of clean waters, clear filters, energy efficient pumps, and no more hassles with pool maintenance. You got a pool to enjoy it, not clean it.

We invite you to explore our website.

The Skim Kingdom is all about you and your pool, and our R&D department is always at work to deliver you a better product.

Feel free to leave your comments, suggests, and ideas whether you have already purchased your SkimKing or not.   If you already have your product, tell everyone what you think by filling out a review.

If you are looking for tips on pool maintenance, saving energy (and money), planning your next staycation, or looking for updates on us or the industry check out the SkimKing News page.


Our ears and eyes are open.
And the R&D department is constantly at work making a better product for you. Your opinions and feedback are extremely important to us.