Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cutting-Edge Tech

For A Better Pool Experience

SkimKing is the easy, energy-saving, and automatic robotic pool cleaner made to give you a better pool experience by keeping your water clean, filter clear, and pump efficient.

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How easy is it to use?

No assembly, no installation, and no hoses to get tangled up in. SkimKing works independently of your pool system and is powered by its own internal, rechargeable battery for up to 5 hours of nonstop operation.

The Key Features

Making A Better Pool Experience Possible
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Collection Container

Substantial debris holding capacity for minimum cleaning and maximum enjoyment.

No-Mess Cleaning

Easy grip handheld collection container for simple and clean removal of debris.

Debris Collector

Debris collection system versatile enough to capture leaves, twigs, pines needles, bugs, dust, and pollen.

Tread Tech

Patented tread technology propels SkimKing throughout the water for maximum maneuverability and coverage.

Less Skimming, More Swimming!

Here’s what our customers say!

Johanna Martins – California

I have spent so much time skimming the leaves from the oak tree in my backyard out of my pool, it’s unbelievable. I don’t want to have to trim back the tree, but I am spending all the time I should be swimming in my pool, skimming it!


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