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SkimKing is the easy, energy-saving, and automatic robotic pool cleaner made to give you a better pool experience by keeping your water clean, filter clear, and pump efficient.

Tired of skimming your pool?

Pool maintenance is a daily hassle costing time, energy, and money whether you maintain the pool yourself or have a service technician do it for you. Organic matter from leaves, twigs, grass, and other waste begin algae growth, disrupting your pool’s pH balance. In addition, debris captured by the pool’s skimmer and main drain clog your filter, increasing the energy used by your pump and the need for backwashing. SkimKing keeps your water clean by catching debris before it sinks to the bottom or is caught by the skimmer, relieving pressure build up in the filter, decreasing the amount of backwashing, and cutting the energy used by your pump up to 50%.

SkimKing is not like other automatic pool cleaners on the market today. This robotic pool cleaner cleans the top of your swimming pool’s water by capturing floating debris before it sinks.

Unlike other automatic pool cleaners, SkimKing is made in the USA and powered by its own reliable, rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of nonstop operation. This means no connecting hoses to your pool skimmer or jets!

By keeping your pool water and skimmer basket clear of surface debris, SkimKing helps to reduce the debris load encountered by your pool’s filter, meaning less backwashing and a more energy efficient pool pump. See what you can save on your energy bill with the SkimKing Personalized Energy Savings Calculator.

The patented tread technology of SkimKing propels it throughout the water collecting leaves, twigs, pine needles, bugs, dust, and pollen through its high-tech debris collection system, large enough for the biggest jobs.

No assembly, no installation, and no cords or hoses to get tangled up in. Put the SkimKing in your swimming pool, press the power button, and go get your swimsuit on. With its no-mess cleaning feature all you have to do is pop off the handheld container and dump debris outside or into your garbage can.

SkimKing can be used with commercial and residential pools and ponds of any size and shape.

SkimKing Crown Captures debris before it sinks

SkimKing Crown Cleans your pool in less than 30 minutes

SkimKing Crown Up to 12 cleaning cycles before recharging

SkimKing Crown Can collect up to 4 times as much debris as the skimmer basket, or any other skimmer product on the market


No assembly, no installation, and no hoses to get tangled up in. SkimKing works independently of your pool system and is powered by its own internal, rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of nonstop operation.


Making A Better Pool Experience Possible

1 – COLLECTION CONTAINER: Substantial debris holding capacity for minimum cleaning and maximum enjoyment.

2 – NO-MESS CLEANING: Easy grip handheld collection container for simple and clean removal of debris.

3 – DEBRIS COLLECTOR: Debris collection system versatile enough to capture leaves, twigs, pines needles, bugs, dust, and pollen.

4 – TREAD TECH: Patented tread technology propels SkimKing throughout the water for maximum maneuverability and coverage.



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