Save Time and Money on Pool Maintenance with a Floating Pool Skimmer

SkimKing Robotic Pool Skimmer in Pool

Floating Pool Skimmer: What Is It?

Anyone who has read our article about pool skimmers and why you need one knows how important it is to have a fully functioning suction line to circulate pool water and help pick up all the floating leaves, bugs, and other crud from the surface of your pool.

The gist: if you don’t circulate pool chemicals and remove that stuff you will have a green pool quick, fast, and in a hurry. Chlorine can’t break down all that organic material by itself – it needs the help of you, the skimmer, and pool cleaner to keep your water crystal clear and swim ready.

But anyone who has had their pool skimmer stop working and needed a replacement knows installing a new one is really expensive. And above-ground pool owners may be wondering if they really need to get a skimmer at all.

A floating pool skimmer, like SkimKing, could serve a pool owner well in any scenario.

Rather than being installed inside the wall of the pool like a traditional skimmer, most floating pool skimmers sit inside of the pool water and enhance the power of the existing skimmer. These require installation to be attached to the built in skimmer for suction and others have long hoses to get tangled in for attachment to other cleaners.

A robot floating pool skimmer does not attach to the existing skimmer or to the pool at all. It is powered by a rechargeable battery – similar to your cordless drill – and free to move on the surface of the pool to capture any floating debris, including leaves, bugs, and pollen, from the top of the pool before it sinks.

This eliminates the chore of hand skimming with a net while reducing the build-up in your filter and the deterioration of your chlorine, saving you time and money in the long run.

Skimmer Replacement or Enhancement?

It is recommended that you always have a skimmer attached to your pool. Their real utility comes from circulating the water to keep chlorine evenly distributed and the water from becoming stagnant. But floating pool skimmers do what built-in skimmers aren’t so hot at, and that is removing floating debris before it sinks.

One like SkimKing that doesn’t require installation or added strain to your filtration system is the way to go. These robots provide the added benefits of less chemical changing, less filter cleaning, and less energy use. Saving you time and money to do whatever you want with.

Check out SkimKing to learn more about how a floating pool skimmer can benefit you.