How to Have an Awesome, Safe Labor Day Pool Party

How to have a safe, awesome pool party

by Mandy Ellis

While we prepare for a relaxing holiday, we here at SkimKing are reminded that a Labor Day pool party doesn’t just need to be fun, it needs to be safe.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that each day 10 people (two of which are kids under 14) die from unintentional drowning. And for every child that drowns, another five need emergency care. With this in mind, we’ve collected some wise words to help you keep your crystal clear pool free from hazard.

Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming Pool Safety Tips
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Before anyone puts a toe in the water, don’t forget the essentials: a life preserver, first aid kit, and a phone to call 911 (just in case). For extra safety, consider adding U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jackets or swimming devices for kids and weak swimmers. Each guest should know where these items are if they need them.

To minimize the chance of an incident, designate a responsible adult as the water supervisor. This adult can keep small children within arm’s reach (highly recommended), and maintain a head count. Plus, they can quickly enforce the rules of no running, dunking, or pushing.

Continue to encourage alertness and thoughts of safety with a buddy system. Pair up your party pals and perform buddy checks by blowing a whistle every half-hour and counting the number of swimmers. “Hey everyone! Point to your buddy!”

Swimming Pool For Kids
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Pool equipment, like ropes with floating buoys, can call attention to no-swim areas, changes in depth, or serve as a place for tired swimmers to catch their breath. If you’re shopping for this, stick to bright colors and larger buoys that are easy to see.

In the case of diving, don’t allow guests to dive in anything shallower than nine feet, and if your party is crowded, consider banning diving altogether. Since ABC News reported that 6,500 teens go to the emergency room annually due to diving injuries, it’s vital to make sure only one person is on the board at a time, and that the surrounding area is clear.

Environmental Hazards

Swimming Pool Fence
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Outside of the water, safety starts with fencing. A four-foot high, self-locking fence that surrounds the pool is preferred to keep out animals, large debris, small children, and, perhaps, wild party guests. Any heavy objects, like barbecue grills, should be situated outside the play zone to reduce occurrence of injury.

Keeping your pool sparkling isn’t just for looks either; it’s a critical safety factor. A clean pool allows you to see straight to the bottom, which is imperative to a safe swimming setting. Our swimming pool skimmer makes it a breeze to keep leaves and dirt from accumulating in your pool while you and your hardworking filter grab a much-deserved break.

Whether you’re tending the grill, soaking up the rays, or splashing around in your pristine pool, we at SkimKing wish you and yours an enjoyable and safe Labor Day.

For a splashin’ good time, include these games in your party plans.

5 Thrilling Yet Safe Pool Games For Your Labor Day Party

  • Marco Polo: Play this oldie-but-goodie in the shallow end by one person closing their eyes, yelling, “Marco,” and finding all the answering, “Polo” players. This gets interesting when a person gets out of the pool and “Marco” can catch them by saying, “fish out of water!”
  • Change Game: Toss spare change in the shallow end and have swimmers dive down to grab it. Whoever has the highest dollar amount wins.
  • Sharks and Minnows: Play this game in the shallowest part of the pool for beginners and the deep end for experts. Minnows must swim past a line of Sharks and touch the other side of the pool. Last minnow standing wins.
  • What time is it, Mr. Shark?: Swimmers ask this question then take as many strokes as the time Mr. Shark says. First person to the other side without getting caught wins.
  • F-I-S-H: Like the game H-O-R-S-E, but in the water. Place a basketball hoop in the shallow end, then take turns shooting at the net. The person with the least amount of letters wins.


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Mandy Ellis is a lifelong competitive swimmer, and former pool supervisor, lifeguard, and swim instructor. She’s spent countless hours checking chemicals, backwashing filters, and tending to pool-cleaning robots. Find her at